Nina.V’s philosophy

Sensual embodiment for lingerie lovers.

Nina.V is devoted to contemporary lingerie, obsessed with fit and passionate about quality. 

Nina.V is a playground, a clubhouse, an invitation to explore ideas on beauty, identity and sensuality. It's a vision that will grow and expand as I learn more about who you are and what sensual embodiment means to you. 

Nina V Lingerie Opaak, kon, undress, Amsterdam

Values & Sustainability.

Nina.V carries a curated selection of lingerie with a special place in our heart for up-and-coming and avant-garde brands.

We apply our feminist values to our brand selection. That means: no sweat shops, fair wages, production transparency, and preferably a slow fashion approach.

If you want to know more about a specific brand please check our “Brands” page to learn more.